wrist x-ray

Degenerative changes, inflamed tendons and compression to nerve tissue are the most common problems affecting the wrist.

The joint helps refine the position of the hand in order to perform intricate tasks. A reduction in range of movement or an experience of pain preventing function can therefore be very limiting.

Conditions like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome do not usually affect function but can cause significant pain at night and an altered sensation experienced within the fingers.

Degenerative changes can often be seen as the joint becomes enlarged and movement is restricted. The inflammation associated with this problem can also cause a pain response when resting.

Tendinopathies (inflamed tendons) are common with persons who have repetitive jobs. Whilst the pain experience can be quite diffuse, examination should reveal which particular tendon is irritated.

Again, for best management it is important that a diagnosis is established.

The exercises shown are basic movements to ensure the joint is taken through a complete range of movement and some strengthening work is achieved.