Ultrasound Guided Injections
Why be in pain?

Quickphys provides a range of treatment including guided ultrasound injection therapy.

Corticosteroids and Ostenil are two treatment options that are supported by current research. Cortisol (Corticosteroid) is the bodies own natural response to controlling inflammation and therefore administering a concentrated dose at the site of increased inflammation works to suppress the inflammatory response.

For this to be safe practice it is essential that an accurate diagnosis is made. Injections administered into non inflammatory conditions can impede on appropriate tissue repair.

Ostenil works differently and helps to restore the bodies nature level of Hyaluronic acid. The medication does not have any risks to persons with diabetes or those concerned with the potential overuse of steroids. For more information please click on the link: Ostenil.

Having established diagnosis and selected the most appropriate treatment the use of ultrasound enables accurate needle placement which further helps to optimise the benefits of the injection.

After an injection we would advise 3 days of relatively light activity. Quickphys also emphasis the need to address any underlying mechanical problems; the correction of posture and movement patterns is essential if long term benefits are to be gained.

For degenerative changes a person may experience a flare up of symptoms. Along with their long term exercise management an acute episode of joint inflammation and associated pain experience can be eased with injection therapy. The most corticosteroid injections we would advise is 3 per year.

There is no problem with having an injection prior to your holiday or an important life event where you would value some relief of symptoms !


Ultrasound image showing guided injection into shoulder a/c joint