The most important service that QuickPhys provides is to make a diagnosis. This crucial process then paves the way to discuss appropriate treatment options.

Ultrasound scans

QuickPhys will provide diagnostic ultrasound scans to enhance diagnosis, plan your best treatment and accurately guide injections to optimise their clinical benefit.


knee injection

Injection Therapy

QuickPhys can assist in controlling inflammation and help minimise the pain experience with ultrasound guided injection therapy. Highest quality service, lowest cost; because at heart QuickPhys is clinically motivated to deliver what the patient needs.

Video Analysis

QuickPhys often use video slow motion analysis to further establish the cause of your problem and to allow you to see why your body is generating a painful warning!



Bespoke Rehabilitation

Once a diagnosis has been made, QuickPhys will then focus on helping you restore healthy tissue; promoting changes in muscle strength, postural alignment, movement patterns and spinal stability.

Hands On

The clinical team have excellent hands on tissue and joint mobilisation techniques; helping you regain lost mobility, reducing stiffness and re-establishing best health.



Pain Management

QuickPhys understand that most people first recognise they have problem because of their experience of pain. It is essential for best health that this experience is not misinterpreted. With a wealth of clinical experience Quickphys can effectively manage acute and chronic pain.

Please read the section on Understanding Pain. If your pain experience has lasted for several months then it is likely you could have Pain Disease along with any potential tissue damage.

Further Investigation

QuickPhys has proven clinical skills to appropriately select the right investigation. This can save time and money and unnecessary concern. For an investigation to be of value there needs to be a strong clinical correlation, not just an experience of pain. Quickphys can advise clients when investigations are necessary and also what the results mean in terms of treatment and likely outcomes.




There are times when surgery is required in order to achieve the best outcome. The clinic team at QuickPhys has years of experience identifying when surgery is the best option and has strong connections with both NHS and Private Surgeons. QuickPhys will manage onward referrals saving time, money and unnecessary hospital appointments

Virtual Physiotherapy

Many problems can be self managed once diagnosis has been made. Virtual Physiotherapy helps guide patients through home based exercises. Helping to regain lost mobility, reducing stiffness and re-establishing best health.
And minimising follow up appointments.



Sport Specific Analysis

Additional service offered by QuickPhys includes the biomechanical analysis of sports activities. With a wealth of sporting knowledge and a clinical team that practices what they preach, Chris Creaghan has represented Great Britain in Road Race Cycling, Duathlon and Triathlon (swim, bike, run). With Golf, Tennis and Football amongst the teams other sporting interests, QuickPhys will find the true nature of your problem and help you to attain best health. 

Post Surgery

If you want more from your joint replacement or better physical function from your shoulder surgery, then QuickPhys will provide bespoke rehabilitation. Helping you attain best health.


Clinical experience

With over seventy years of collective clinical experience Emma Jones, Rob Southern and Chris Creaghan (MSK Physiotherapy Practitioners) and Cheryl Creaghan (Headache Nurse Specialist) are all senior practitioners capable of making accurate diagnosis.

QuickPhys treatments are based on common sense and practical solutions.

If body tissues are exposed to an abnormal mechanical force then a change must be made.

QuickPhys can help make this change by stretching, strengthening and by promoting changes to patterns of movement and posture. Additional things like footwear can influence the problem as too can a well placed support cushion.

QuickPhys can also recognise when surgery is required. Surgery can change an abnormal mechanical force by removing a section of bone or stabilising a joint by repairing a ligament or completely replacing a joint surface that is severely worn.

As well as managing the mechanical problem there is also the issue of increased inflammatory response.A lot of people will be aware that the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories has been criticised for causing stomach and cardiac related problems.A viable alternative for the management of inflammation can be injection therapy of corticosteroids.At QuickPhys the clinicians are skilled in the administration and dosage of steroid injections.Quickphys can assess the extent of inflamed tissue using ultrasound scanners and also ensure the injection is placed at the right spot.
Not only does this improve the chance of success it also means a low dose of steroid can be used minimising any risk of side effects and optimising the treatment benefits.