The Team

The Clinical team comprises of three highly specialised Musculoskeletal (MSK) practitioners. Emma Jones, Chris Creaghan and Rob Southern are all advanced physiotherapy clinicians with skills in Orthopaedic differential diagnosis, diagnostic ultrasound scan and guided injection therapy. They are qualified independent prescribers and  highly experienced in the rapid and effective management of MSK conditions including MSK chronic pain.

With years of Nation Health Service experience, the team are fully verse in issues surrounding clinical governance, GP operations, indicative expenditure and national healthcare agendas.

QuickPhys is a highly evolved and clinically focused team that can devour waiting lists, cut costs, and resolve MSK related issues for both patients and commissioning organisations. 

Emma Jones

Emma started her career in Leeds MSK Service and then moved to Dewsbury to develop the previous award winning MSK Service. Emma is a specialist in differential diagnosis and diagnostic ultrasound. She has a Diploma in Orthopaedic Medicine and is qualified in the prescription of medication. 

Emma has played competitive tennis and competed in numerous running events, including marathons.

Emma is married with two children and lives in Mirfield. Emma is proactive in her community and has a passion and commitment to improving the health of the local region.

Chris Creaghan

Co founder of Kirklees MSK Service. Specialist in differential diagnosis, diagnostic ultrasound, guided injection therapy including spinal and hip joints. Diploma in Orthopaedic Medicine, Independent prescriber and seasoned lecturer on chronic pain in MSK conditions, the use of diagnostic ultrasound and the development of integrated clinical pathways.

Chris has a life time of sports experience and represented the United Kingdom in many International cycling events, the World Duathlon Championships and European Triathlon Championships. He coaches junior football and has keen interest in sporting bio-mechanics. Married with two children, Chris lives in Wakefield.

Rob Southern

Rob joined the previous Kirklees MSK team early in its development and led on physiotherapy rehabilitation. With an aptitude for logical process and a mathematical background Rob adapted the service to incorporate objective outcome measures that are of real value to the patients.

Rob progressed his knowledge of differential diagnosis and orthopaedic medicine and completed his injection therapy diploma and independent prescriber qualification to establish himself as one of the regions top clinical MSK physiotherapists.

Rob has allows been keen on sport and football and still plays in the amateur league. With a previous degree in Sports science, Rob has a vast range of clinical knowledge and experience.