New approach to help GP surgery's manage financial resources, clinical care and patient accessibility.

How your practice can benefit from direct access to a specialist MSK practitioner

The key benefits.

1. Generate practice income by delivering in house injections

With ultrasound guided injections many more treatment options are available. This is of real benefit to patients and financial benefit to your practice via the development of minor surgery and NHS payments.

2. Increase new patient appointments by directing clients straight to an MSK clinician

Approximately 30% of all new patient appointments are for MSK related issues. With direct access to MSK clinicians, new patient appointment availability is increased and patient care optimised.  

3. Its not just about generating money, its is also about delivering best practice.

Currently patients requiring MSK assessment and treatment are waiting just to have a phone call. Waiting times for treatment are even longer. The simple solution is to place an MSK practitioner directly in your clinic. Direct access for patients. No fuss, no long waits, direct communication and a guaranteed high level of clinical expertise.

No other MSK provider can state that every practitioner has all these advanced skills.

A correct and accurate diagnosis has been and always will be the basis on which effective and efficient clinical care will be delivered.
  • MSK differential diagnosis
  • MSK Ultrasound investigation
  • Ultrasound guided Injection therapy
  • MSK pharmacology and independant prescription
  • Expert communication and educational strategies
  • A strong focus on bio-psychosocial issues and chronic pain management

For organisations wanting to save money, whilst still delivering high quality and rapid access care please see below

Typical clients are GP's and NHS care providers

For private businesses wanting to improve their range of clinical treatments and help provide additional care for their clients please click here.logo jpeg


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Save Money

QuickPhys can help your Medical Practice save money on secondary care referrals, investigations, prescription medication and Locum GP's.

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Save Time

By placing QuickPhys as first line treatment option in your Medical Practice you can increase clinical capacity and decrease patient waiting time to definitive care.

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mechanic2Improve Service

With direct patient access to specialist MSK Physiotherapists, your patient can receive instant ultrasound enhanced diagnosis, guided injections, programs of exercise and specialist MSK triage.

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