QuickPhys clinicians have an high level of success in reducing inflammation with guided injection therapy.

QuickPhys clinicians have years of experience in delivering appropriate rehabilitation to encourage tissue repair and minimise mechanical irritation.

QuickPhys also recognise the need for surgery and other clinical skills. Not everything is best managed with injections and exercises. With vast experience and contacts throughout Yorkshire, we will ensure your health always comes first.

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There are many measures of success, but if you identify a lifestyle that you consider to be successful, then simply learn from someone who has achieved that way of life. The video below is a presentation by a 93 year old man.  His key message is work, diet and exercise. QuickPhys recognise that health problems and pain can limit a person's ability to achieve these health goals, but with appropriate advice improvements can be made. As the gentleman concludes, 'Go for it !'  

Success in improving the mechanical function of body tissues and the reduction in inflammation will provide long term success and decrease the experience of pain.

What our customers say !

Why I didn't I get told this much earlier. I wish I had been to see you at the start of my problems. Thank you so much for helping me. Lady with chronic back pain The injection has been fantastic. I can get dressed without pain. First time in ages. Lady with shoulder impingement Much improved and I now know how to look after my back for myself. Your advice has been invaluable and I am grateful for the time you spent in explaining my problem. Weekend warrior and Park run fanatic I am limp free ! Thank you Emma. Lady with heel pain following guided injection therapy. I really thought my only answer would be surgery. I can't believe how much better I am; thank you so much. Gentleman with OA knee following injection and rehabilitation      

There are many measures of success but as discussed in the sections 'Understanding pain' and 'Our Services', QuickPhys aims to decrease inflammation and restore best mechanical function.

QuickPhys will therefore measure success by observing improvements in strength, alignment, joint mobility and even the reduction of inflamed tissue via the use of live ultrasound scans.

With these observed improvements it is highly likely that a person will then experience a reduction in their symptoms.

It is important to remember that to make a change in the health of any tissue it takes time and therefore a person's compliance to treatment is important when looking for a successful outcome. QuickPhys acknowledge that a person may judge their success by achieving a reduction in pain. It is suggested that this is not however their primary goal. Simply masking the pain experience seldom provides a successful outcome. It is therefore important to recognise that whilst certain treatments can suppress an experience of pain it is the improvement to tissue health that ultimately provides long term success.

With better health there is a strong likelihood that the experience of pain will subside.