Anatomy cervical spine 2a






The neck has a relentless job of holding our heads in place; and it only ever gets to rest when we lay down.

The average head weighs about 5kg (equivalent of 5 bags of sugar) so it not surprising that many problems with the neck involve over use and fatigue of supporting muscles.

As discussed in the back section our posture significantly affects which structures take the mechanical strain. For many people a protracted posture is quite common;this is where the chin held forward as shown in the second picture. This position generates mechanical compression on the facets joints and also generates tension in the muscles at the back of the neck.

Exercises such as the wall retraction help to stretch the muscles and unload the facet joints. Whilst disc problems and nerve irritation can be part of the problem most neck problems are improved with rest and postural changes.

If a person notices weakness or a loss of muscle bulk in either of their arms then clinical examination is recommended.