wrist x-ray


The hand came be a real pain as it has many nerve endings within its tissue structures. People can sometimes be surprised at how painful a relatively minor tissue irritation in the hand can be. Common problems are joint degeneration and tendon inflammation.

The thumb is quite a common problem with degenerative changes affecting the base of the joint near to the wrist. This joint responds well to injection therapy.

There are also tendon problems such as trigger finger when the finger or thumb locks in towards the palm of the hand. This can be both annoying and painful. Again injection therapy is a valid consideration.

For best health of the hand it is important to work on what are called the intrinsic muscles. These are small muscles within the hand and in part control actions such as ‘pinch grip’ and cupping. By practicing these simple movements and working the muscles the hand can preserve best function and minimise further tissue irritation.