Save money, time and improve clinical care

Sounds too good to be true ?

With increasing GP pressures to offer out of hours services, improved access and the need to find innovative ways to enhance patient care whilst saving money, QuickPhys recognises the developing role of extended scope physiotherapist as frontline clinicians. 

The equation is simple: given nearly 30% of all GP appointments are for MSK related problems, why not offer your patients a low cost, high quality alternative?

Dependant on Healthcare practice requirements, QuickPhys can accurately examine, diagnose and provide appropriate care for your patients.

For GP's this can increase clinical capacity by up to 30%. Or simply mean the practice can avoid the costs of recruiting Locum GP's.

Furthermore, QuickPhys will reduce the indicative expenditure of your GP Practice. With Orthopedic training and years of experience, the clinical team at QuickPhys will only refer patients who need surgery to see a surgeon.

GP's support physios first point contact surgeries

Clinical Example

The new way !

Step 1: Booking an appointment.

Patient with muscle or joint pain phones to request an appointment.

Practice reception offer GP or MSK Practitioner appointment.

Patient accepts MSK appointment and is seen in the medical practice.

Step 2 : MSK Examination.

Orthopaedic clinical examination includes diagnostic ultrasound scan, helping to visualise deep tissue anatomy and determine accurate diagnosis.

Diagnosis enables client education and presentation of treatment options.

Step 3 : Treatment Options

Ultrasound guided injection therapy

Bespoke rehabilitation enhanced with online 'Virtual Physiotherapy'. Aiding compliance and client understanding.

Onward referral. Over 90% of all QuickPhys recommendations for secondary care providers result in surgery.

We only send people who need surgery to see a surgeon, for the vast majority QuickPhys provide rapid and clinically effective care.