Frozen Shoulder

frozen shoulder injection

Frozen shoulder injections can help ease the pain but do not resolve the problem. The injection can help in reducing the pain felt when at rest or when trying to sleep. It is important that the injection is administered into the joint or it will not be effective. QuickPhys use ultrasound scans to ensure the injection is accurately placed. 

Frozen shoulder typically affects people aged between 40-65 years of age. Quite often it starts without trauma. In its early stages the shoulder is very painful and can disturb sleep. During this stage injection therapy can ease some of the symptoms. The shoulder condition typically becomes stiff and functional movement is limited.

The good news is for the vast majority of people the condition will get better on its own; the process however isn't fast and the effects of a frozen shoulder can last for 18 months plus.

Below are exercises to maintain best health and muscle function. It is important to mobilise the neck and thoracic spine as these often become stiff even though they are not directly affected by the condition.