Foot Pain

foot pain injection

Site of injection for Plantar Fasciitis. This can be a debilitating condition with the person experiencing foot pain when first getting up after rest. Injection therapy is very effective.

Given the large number of joints, tendons, ligaments and nerves that enter the foot there are many things that can generate an experience of foot pain.

Heel pain and big toe pain are however two common problems; with inflammation of the tissue attached to the heel (plantar fasciitis) affecting a person when they first put their foot to the ground. Diagnosis of this condition can be confirmed with ultrasound scan and treatment of injection therapy is very effective at reducing inflammation and minimising the foot pain.

Degenerative changes to the big toe joint can also cause foot pain. Symptoms are often worse when the persons pushes forward particularly when walking uphill.Again injection therapy can help minimise joint inflammation and settle the foot pain experience.

Diagnosis is essential to ensure best treatment is administered but there are common issues for improving balance and joint range of movement that are addressed in the exercises shown below.