Injections for elbow pain have a high likelihood of sucess

Elbow pain can arise from the elbow joint or tendons and bursae that help to generate movement. The elbow is a hinge joint permitting flexion and extension, but also allows for rotation of the wrist so that a person can place the palm of their hand facing up or down.

There are many muscles associated with the elbow; some that directly control the positioning of the joint and some that are attached to the elbow but have a primary function of controlling the wrist and fingers.
One of the most common causes of elbow pain is a repetitive strain called tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis).
This is a condition where the muscles that pull the wrist backwards (extension) become irritated at the site of their attachment onto the outside edge of the elbow joint.

At times the level of pain response initiated by these irritated tissues can cause a person to drop things or fail to even pick up a cup of tea!

Rest and avoidance are key aspects to best management; injection therapy can considered.

Other problems can occur with elbows but are not common. The joint can degenerate and sometimes lock. It is quite typical for elbow problems to occur later on in life if the person had a fracture to their wrist of shoulder early in life.