Core Stability One

Posterior pelvic tilt

Recruiting transverse abdominal muscles to tilt the pelvis backwards and gently lower the small of your back into the ground.

Hold posture for 2-10 seconds and remember to breath 

Core Stability Two

Posterior pelvic tilt with single knee lift

Key to this exercise is to maintain stability around the pelvis during whilst you rise one knee.

Perform the knee lifts on both legs; but not at the same time. That comes later.

Make sure the pelvis remains in a very slight posterior tilt throughout the exercise. 


Core Stability Three

Posterior pelvic tilt with arms raised and alternate knee lifts.

Hopefully by now your ability to recruit your core muscles has improved.

This exercise is beginning to test the strength of those muscles and your coordination.

Don't rush to the next stage. It is essential that the exercises one to three are performed well.

Core Stability Four

Now the hard part!

Posterior pelvic tilt with arms raised and both knees raised.

This puts significant strain on the abdominal wall when performed correctly and slowly.

You will working against the spines tendency to arch away from the floor.

This is resisted by pulling the abdominal muscles in and down. Making sure the spine is lightly pressed down onto the floor.

Core Stability Five

It gets harder!

Posterior pelvic tilt with both knees raised and alternate leg extension.

By extending your legs out you are increasing the leverage force your legs impose on spinal stability.

The further your reach out with your legs the more your spine will try and lift away from the floor.

If you back arches it is too hard for you and practice more at exercise core stability four. 

Core Stability Six

Now your moving!

By alternating extension of your left arm with your right leg and then the opposite way, you will be working your core muscles in a very dynamic fashion.

This is a high level activity so don't put too much pressure on yourself to reach this level.

The important issue is that you are recruiting and activating your core muscles.

These will help strengthen your whole spine.