Chris Creaghan

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Chris Creaghan is a Senior Physiotherapist with a lifetime of sports involvement and curiosity into how the body works.

His learning ground for physical performance and understanding pain and physical limitations came from many years as international cyclist. Retirement from full time sport shifted focus to understanding the science behind physical function and ultimately resulted in a Physiotherapy degree.

With a typical learning ground within the NHS, Chris then moved into Private work but soon recognised the need to shift clinical focus from simply treating the person's experience of pain.

'If just part of what makes an athlete strong and fit could be delivered to the general population then all persons could enjoy better health'.

Chris explored the origins of pain and the mechanisms of both physical and psychological changes it can have on a person. There is now a growing amount of research to validate that if a person can focus on attaining best health as opposed to simply treating the pain; they will have a much better outcome.

To put this philosophy into practice Chris placed sports performance measures into normal clinical practice. Measures of muscle strength and joint stability, muscle recruitment, patterns of movement and function specific re-learning, all dominated clinical care.

Whether your goal is sports related, to enjoy a small walk or simply manage getting up and down stairs; then improvement to your health, strength and technique will provide the solution.

How far the person wishes to improve their health is down to their commitment and their physical limitation. But in order to make steps in the right direction they require an accurate diagnosis and motivation and guidance on how to make appropriate change.

QuickPhys will help you to attain best health.