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Clinics run on Mondays and Fridays.

Booking online is easy, but if you prefer please call us now on  01924 654 068

If we can't take your call please leave a message or text us your number. We are probably in clinic with a patient and will phone you back.

Many thanks from the clinical team: Emma Jones, Chris Creaghan and Rob Southern

Please follow these instruction to book an appointment.

Select the type of appointment you require from the options at the bottom of this screen. You will not be charged at this stage.

The next screen will show available time slots; simply hover over your chosen free slot and click.

The clinics run during the day on Mondays and Fridays. If a suitable time isn't available please don't worry, please contact us at

The third stage is to input your details; only after pressing 'Book Now' will you be directed to the payment options.

Click the dot next to PayPal and credit card symbols and then press 'confirm booking'.You will be re-directed to PayPal. There might be a delay whilst internet connection is made with the payment service

Once on the PayPal site you can choose a payment option. There might be a question 'Don't have a payPal account?; simply click this if you don't and then pay via bank card.

After payment you will receive a confirmation text / email. QuickPhys hope to see you very soon.If you have any problems please send us an email. Use the contacts form at the bottom of the Home page.