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Please use the information on this website to help gain an understanding of your pain and how exercises to correct your movement, strength and alignment are key to helping you attain best health.

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Specialist injection services for joint and soft tissue problems.

All injections are performed under ultrasound guidance to improve accuracy and efficacy of treatment.

Please visit the Injection Clinic website for full details on private injections.

Keeping the costs low, service quality high and accessibility within the same week.

Private Patients. For rapid access, low cost, high quality examination and ultrasound guided injections please visit the Injection Clinic website for full details.

Keeping the costs low, service quality high and accessibility within the same week.

Latest news: Local GP surgery takes advantage of Injection Clinic and Ultrasound guided injections to enhance patient care and save money . 

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Clinical care for NHS patients is linked with Calderview Surgery.

For more information on clinical care delivered by Calderview then please visit their website

If you are not registered to Calderview Surgery but would like to be seen as a private patient please use the link below or Book Appointment from the menu. 


Our Services

Following a physical assessment we aim to establish what your pain experience is related to. From here we help deliver a wide range of treatments and development a plan of action for you to attain better health.

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Your Problem

Understanding why you experience pain and what it is trying to tell you about the health of your body is important. With an understanding you can then begin to make appropriate changes.

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Success Examples

With ultrasound guided injections, programs of exercise, soft tissue mobilisation and a better understanding of how to manage your pain and the underlying problem; QuickPhys will help you to attain best health.

Helping you ease pain and attain best health.

If you are in pain then please see what QuickPhys can offer. Or simply click on 'Our Services' in the top menu or visit Virtual Physio to kick start your own recovery

Please send an email to QuickPhys if you like to discuss your problem or require further information on how QuickPhys could help your Practice / business. email address: QuickPhys is the website that holds information on exercise rehabilitation. For information on where to book a private consultation to help determine you true problem, then please visit If you wish to call then phone 01924 654 068.  Please be patient as we may not get chance to call you back until after we have finished our clinical work.  

QuickPhys clinicians have a close working relationship with GP's throughout North Kirklees. Currently patients registered at Calder View Surgery can access QuickPhys MSK Services on the NHS.

For persons wishing to be seen privately clinical appointments are currently available at Active Health Care in Sheffield or Wakefield. Please state that you want an ultrasound scan and/ or injection therapy to ensure the correct appointment is booked.

Visit for full details.